Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Shout Out!

To my peeps Vicki and Adam, who gave me the coolest belated birthday gift EVER!! You guys rock my world. Thanks.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005


Saturday afternoon I went to the McDowell Mountain Music Festival to see Big Head Todd & The Monsters. As if that weren't cool enough, I actually got to meet most of the band (Todd and Brian anyway) and have photos taken! Now if only I weren’t so technologically feeble, I might be able to post said pictures for all of your viewing! If you really want to see them, leave a comment and I’ll share the link to my Ofoto page. It was all very exciting.

When they left the stage, Vicki and I decided to head to the trailer area toward the back. We talked to a guy named Scott that turned out to be best friends with Brian Nevin (drummer). He walked off with the promise to “see what he could do”…so we waited a few minutes at the fence. Then we noticed a gaping hole in the fence! So we just waltzed in there like we owned the place and around the corner in the dining tent, we found Scott and Brian! After a few photos were snapped, Vicki asked Brian for an autograph. He said no problem and headed back toward the trailer to get something to write with (we were quite the prepared fans, I can tell you). But THEN, THEN, we saw Todd Mohr coming out of the trailer! So we ran over and some nice guy took photos of both of us with them! And Todd is every bit as cute up close as he is on the stage. GRRRR!