Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Porn - D.I. Style

The following post previously published (by me) at the RoyceRants forum.

One day last week on the way home from work, we spotted a familiar person hitching a ride on Kuakini. It was our former Gradall operator, Bobbo. Defining Bobbo and his eccentricity is for another post, but I am compelled to share a story today. Another former co-worker of ours owns an "adult toy shop" in the Captain Cook area. Needless to say, I've never visited the shop. But Bobbo has! Oh yes, Bobbo has, indeed. He was in the store not too long ago to visit the former co-worker and had a look around at the merchandise while he was there. According to Bobbo, most of the inventory in the shop is USED! Not just videos and mags, my friends, but the toys themselves. USED. USED.SEX.TOYS!

So yeah. If you're in the market for some gently used porn, just swing by Adult Phantasy in Captain Cook.