Friday, January 28, 2005

Coffee Bitch

As you are probably aware, Phoenix has been having some pretty serious problems this week with water purification. Four of the five plants were shut down. People were advised to boil any tap water they use until further notice. This is a conversation I had with my boss:

HIM: "Have you been boiling the water for my coffee?"
ME: "First of all, we're in Scottsdale, and the water here is fine. Secondly, NO, I am NOT boiling the water for your coffee anymore than it's already boiled by the machine."
HIM: "Well, I was feeling a bit sick, so I wondered."
ME: "I seriously doubt it has anything to do with the coffee, but okay."

(Enter boss #2)

ME: "You've been drinking the same coffee, are you feeling sick at all?"
HER: "No, I feel fine. Why?"
ME: "He claims to be sick from drinking bad water even though we are in Scottsdale."
HIM: "It may have been the curry I ate last night."

GEE, YA THINK??? I love my job.


webwonky said...

i didn't realize there was such a water situation there... ew!

Mae said...

Bless you, my lone flogger! Thanks for stopping by :) Miss you down here.

Carl Parrish said...

LMAO... Good to see you're still online. Thanks for the laughs. BTW I hear the head of the Water department got fired over this, and that the water isn't as bad as it was reported. (not sure I believe that part or not). In all I'm just glad that I don't drink tap water.