Wednesday, February 09, 2005

My Dad

We often take advantage of the people that are closest to us. I find myself being guilty of this more than I'd like when it comes to my Dad. I couldn't do any of it without him, and I just wanted to send a note into cyberspace thanking him for being the best Dad EVER.

Thank you for (a short list)*...

1) Making my breakfast and lunch every morning.
2) Taking my car to get a wash & an oil change (nevermind that you did it because you were embarrassed by the dirt and the out-dated oil change sticker on the windshield).
3) Listening to me gripe about my "hard life" every day.
4) Watching decorating shows on TV even though you hate them with the heat of 10,000 suns.
5) Sitting through the "food" bits on Fear Factor even though you gag incessantly.
6) Being my friend and supporting me no matter what (even when I repeat the same stupid mistakes over and over again).
7) Painting the ugly brown cabinets.
8) Calling to let me know where you're going to be so I don't worry too much.

So thank you Dad for everything that you do. This list doesn't begin to capture all of the nice things that you do for me every day, but it's time to punch out & go home now so it'll have to do. I love you very much and I am so lucky to have you. I hope you live to be at least 150, because I'd be totally lost without you.

*everything on this list has happened in the past two days! WOW!


webwonky said...

oh my i am teary-eyed. you are so lucky to have such an amazing dad - you need to tell him these things in person though. i never had the chance to tell my dad how much i loved & appreciated him & now it's too late.

Mae said...

I know it. I am going to try to be better about showing my appreciation. I know you miss your Dad and I just wanted to tell you that you can adopt mine :) Allison did!

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