Thursday, March 03, 2005


Apparently I’m doing a stellar job of taking over blogdom for webwonky! Sorry for the sporadic posts…I guess it is high time I got a computer at home since I don’t always have the opportunity to post from work. Too busy brewing all of that coffee…

What is everybody doing this weekend? I think I might go to a spring training game with the ghetto boys on Saturday. Pre-party at Uncle Sanford’s* (assuming of course that he’s able to unload his storage auction finds at the Ghetto Garage Sale). I might even take some of my junk over there to add to the mix. Think anyone will pay me full price for my now over-sized Lucky jeans? Which brings me to my hot tip of the day: Don’t spend your hard-earned cash on the jeans you love when you’re shedding the pounds. Major waste of money! I now have four sizes in the closet that I can’t wear anymore. *sigh*

*this new moniker courtesy of Uncle Sanford’s little brother


Katy said...

I suppose you could sell all your clothes that do not fit anymore to the folks who are expanding via e-bay. Everbody's doing it!:)

Mae said...

Ah! Excellent idea. Now if only I wasn't too lazy to get 'er done.